Terms of service

01. Our order process usually takes 10 minutes maximum 2 hours to complete. (for PayPal, Payoneer, & Online Payment it can takes maximum 24 hours if there is no issue)

02. Customer need to bear their own wallet transaction fee. Like 0.8% for Webmoney, 0.5% for Perfect Money, PayPal Other region 5%)

03. Sometimes we need further details about you to complete your payment. (It's define user Authenticity)

04. For reason of better service we aren't provide any types of advance payment. (You need to pay first to get your required service) 

05. Depends on supply and demand also security purpose we have ability to control our gateway.

06. Our Refund process can takes up to 24 hours.

07. An administration fee may apply to your account if you violate any of these rules.

08.If you send fund using any wrong direction it will not refundable.